In the spirit of Fraternalism, the Catholic Family Fraternal of Texas-K.J.Z.T. accepted donations for the victims of the Hurricane Harvey Disaster. Donations were matched 100% up to $1,000.00 per Society/Member through our People Helping People Disaster Program.

Through the generosity of our members, we were able to collect over $24,000! Thank you to everyone who donated!

Due to the magnitude of this disaster, all donations and matching funds will be forwarded to the Catholic Charities Program of the affected areas.

Thank you again to all those who donated and let us continue to pray for those affected.

Feeding Families

A Fraternal Cause was adopted in 2009 called Feeding Families Across Texas. The purpose behind the program is to extend the Fraternal's charitable work throughout Texas and reach those in need. With this, a society can participate by donating money or goods to their local food pantry and receive up to $200 in matching funds from the State Office. All funds raised must be designated for a food pantry. Since its inception, over $100,000 has been donated penny for penny to local food pantries in the state of Texas.

People Helping People

Our People helping People program helps communities and parishes with donations of both monetary and goods. Each year societies of Catholic Family Fraternal of Texas – K.J.Z.T. focus on participating in parish and community work projects and fundraisers throughout the State.

During 2016, the Fraternal's members donated over 173,000 volunteer hours, participated in over 1,000 events and donated over $250,000.00 to Texas communities. Attend a society meeting to learn what's going on in your area. If you have a favorite local charity you support, you can suggest their program as a recipient of a donation.

The local societies' efforts are monetarily matched up to 50% by the State Office. If a qualifying disaster relief project is held, 100% matching funds are available from the State Office.

For example, in September 2011 when Central Texas was ravaged by wildfires, the local society's generosity totaled over $16,000 alone. The amount was matched by the State Office and the Fraternal proudly presented Catholic Charities of Texas with a check for over $32,000 to assist those affected by the fires.

In April 2013, the wonderful Czech town of West was struck by disaster when a local fertilizer plant exploded and shattered the peaceful atmosphere of the small community. More than 800 K.J.Z.T. members call West, Texas home and members from all over Texas sent in donations to support their fraternal family. Over $80,000 in donations and matching funds was distributed to West Disaster Victims. K.J.Z.T. Society No. 11 West members went above and beyond the call of duty in the following months to help members and residents get back on their feet.